Top 10 Instagram Tips

Instagram is an instant way of taking, editing & sharing pictures, tiny video clips and art on a social platform made solely for that purpose. Add friends & family to your account. Share everything from mundane images to amazing video clips on a hike somewhere, a beach, sunset or a lagoon. Follow amazing designers & professional photographers, architects, cartoonist, make up artists & meet some pretty creative individuals who draw & paint their works then posts on instagram.
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Its soo popular such that it has led to introduction of word “selfie” into dictionaries as a word. I in particular am an instagram addict, but in a good way. So how do you make it in this social craze & become an instagrammer. Here are some tips to get you started
Top 10 instagram tips:
1. Use of Subject
Make sure you have a subject in your pictures which can range from an animal e.g a cat or a puppy, sunset, a surfer, river, monument, a paint, canoe on a beach e.t.c.
Set your subject at the center or at the side, just make sure the emphasis remains with the subject even after cropping or editing
2. Use filters
One of the best things about instagram is the 17 artistic filters it provides for its users with. Experiment with filters from earlybird to kelvin, and try using different ones to drive different emotional responses.
3. Make use of symmetry & angles
Photos of of buildings, landmarks, large objects & portraits need to be taken with a good symmetry. Tilt shift till you get the right angle of your camera before taking the shot.
4. Lighting
Lighting is core to you getting great pics, take note of lighting before posting, too much brightness will cause a glare on editing, too dark will diminish impact of your photos or video.
5. Use of squares
There are found on the camera when taking pics on the app. Make sure no subject takes up more than 2/3 of the screen.
6. Borders
The way to ehance outlook of your pictures is use of borders.
7. Moments & Events
Take note of events or moments around you at all times. Be observant. You can capture some of the greatest pictures or videos in events like motor championships, World cups, Sporting Events, Social gatherings
8. Capture Beauty
When travelling or touring a place, take shots of beautiful places, objects & landmarks e.g If your in Rio, take & post a pic of Christ the redeemer at sunrise.
9. Go Big
Dont post pictures or videos for the sake of having a large profile, NO! Don’t be afraid
to share content which really causes people to think, laugh, frown, or act. Just take lots of pics, the more you snap the more you have a large variety to choose from.
10. Think outside the Box
Show the world your creative & artistic view of life, there are no rules that applies here. The more unique & great you become, the more popular you’ll become or even get featured by instagram.
11. Use #hashtags
Make use of hashtags when posting in order to reach out other people with similar tastes, live where you are, same hobbies or careers. Is a simple way of interacting with other users.
Now with just login into account, start sharing & with time you’ll develop your own unique style & enjoy instagram more.

A comprehensive review of Supercell’s Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans by Supercell is a simulation game combined with a combat strategy game. Here you are able to build an army, construct your village and also demolish some other village. The players for this game have no age or gender restrictions. It is very hard for men and women, children and adults to wait for plunging into an exotic game world in order to build a city or village. The gamers are prepared to resist enemies’ attacks and make friendship with neighbors. They are immersed in the game for hours creating their own little worlds.
Features and Gameplay
The first and main feature to inspect is the graphics. Although the graphics is quite decent, the game is a bit fast and takes up little space. You have to admire the pain and efforts the developers took while making this game. They succeeded in filling it with unique characters and pulsating colors, and did not forget to give proper focus to the details.
The gameplay leads us to a small village which is required to be turned into a military town with its own provisions of resources. Furthermore, it is completely protected from the foes that target your assets.
The gamer acquires some resources such as the magic elixir, green gems and gold coins, which are utilized during battles and in the construction. The gold coins and elixir are resources that are recoverable. It is possible for players to take them away from a neighboring village, acquire them from under the ground, or even purchase them for gems. It is hard to get the third resource. The green gems can be sometimes won or found, but that is a rare occasion. Only thing that you can also try to get free gems is clash of clans hack. They help in speeding up the training of the warriors, in the building process, and also to purchase more gold coins or elixir.
Clash of Clans’ most exciting characteristic is that it is social and also helps you to communicate. The neighbors whom you’re going to overthrow in ferocious battles are actually real players from all over the universe just like you! That’s the reason why you should make some serious endeavors to safe-guard your village, construct high fences and upgrade the cannons. You are able to be a part of a clan the moment your village becomes nice and secured.
1. User Friendly – It is a very casual game. It is possible for you to learn everything about the game just sitting down and playing for half an hour.
2. Cute – The graphics and idea behind the game is very delightful and cute, but it would have been better if a little bit more comedy was applied to the game.
1. Too Simple – Whatever this game projects at you is not unique or thoughtful. The decisions that you make lead to nothing and the strategy part of Clash of Clans takes almost no forecasting at all.
2. Repetitive – This game is ideal for you if you like to upgrade the same buildings over and over again without feeling monotonous.

Final thoughts
Clash of Clans is perfect for kids if you do not mind a little bit of violence. It is true that the seasoned and experienced gamer will not enjoy to play this game too much, but for the occasional gamer this would be not be too bad after all. If you desire to participate in some heroic battles, fall into another world, and construct castles, then don’t hesitate to download Clash of Clans.

Enjoy the best gaming experience with the playstation

For most game lovers, the playstation comes in as one of the most important gadgets. The playstation commonly known as PS offers users an opportunity to enjoy playing games in a fascinating way. First introduced in December 1994, the playstation continues to become better hence becoming one of the most popular and most sought after gaming gadgets. Anyone who has had the opportunity to use this gadget can attest that this is the “holy grail” when it comes to gaming gadgets. This can be attributed to the remarkable features that this gadget has to offer.
The evolution of the playstation
psn1The playstation continues to become better thus offering a thrilling experience to its users. Additionally, the playstation is used all over the world. This is more than enough proof of how incredible it is. Since the introduction of the first playstation in 1994, the Sony produced gaming gadget has been sought after not only by game lovers but also by renowned game developers such as Microsoft. The available playstation series include the following:
• Playstation 1
This was the first ever model of the playstation to be produced. The playstation became the main competitor to other game developers and gadget makers. More to that; the playstation continued to undergo numerous development changes to make it better.
• Playstation 2
The playstation 2 was the second generation of the playstation and was released after numerous development changes on the playstation 1. Amazingly, the playstation 2 was backwards compatible with the initial playstation making it possible to play any playstation game using the second generation playstation.
• Playstation 3
Introduced between 2006 and 2007, the third generation of the playstation came with more superior features compared to the initial playstation and also the second generation playstation. Additionally, the playstation 3 was backwards compatible with the initial playstation making it possible to play the original PS games with the PS3. However, playstation 2 games can only be played on playstation 3 consoles built for the same region.
• Playstation 4
This is the newest member of the playstation family. Released between 2013 and 2014, the playstation 4 promises to bring a more thrilling experience to game lovers. However, the playstation 4 has no backward compatibility with any of its predecessors.
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Other playstation models
Sony has also come up with other models that have the ability to play playstation games. The playstation portable which is abbreviated as PSP was introduced in 2004 and it can play any playstation game all thanks to the remote feature found in playstation 3. The PSP was later succeeded by the playstation vita which has a backward compatibility with the playstation portable and also downloaded playstation 1 games.
Types of games that can be played using the playstation
There is a wide variety of games to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences. Some of the games which can be played using the playstation include:
• Action games
• Racing
• Football
It goes without saying that the playstation has played a vital role in revolutionizing the world of gaming. By the look of things, the playstation will continue to offer a thrilling experience to game enthusiasts for a long time.

Suspense and thrilling Video Games

CSI has lot of video games. CSI series of games are based on world famous television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. These games are for individuals those who love Suspense and thrilling episodes. Best CSI games include “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, CSI: Dark Motives”, CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder”, “CSI: Hard Evidence”, “CSI: Deadly intent”, “CSI: Hidden Cameras” etc. Among these series of games, video games are very thrilling to play. Each series of video game deals with different case sets and in turn each case set deals with different cases.  For example “CSI: Crime City” has different case sets, set 1 include “Sweet revenge”, “Double take”, “Road to Nowhere” etc. Likewise set 2 has different cases. graphics are embedded in these games so as to please the online players. These video games are also associated with social networking. “CSI: Hidden Cameras” is a hidden object puzzle game. Best thing about this game is that if a player is struck in the game and unable to find answers, he can post it in the game relevant Community for any kind of help and advice he or she might be seeking. And the community returns with the answers for the same as quickly as possible. This is one of the fabulous games where players have to get the clues, analyze the evidences and solve thrilling cases. Doesn’t it sound exciting? The other added advantage of selecting these games is they support different platforms namely iOS, Android and so on.
All CSI games can be played in PC as well as Nintendo DS, wii and Xbox 360 products. These games are very adventurous to play. People enjoy watching thrilling and suspense movies and even enjoy reading novels based on suspense and thrilling stories. In movies we just watch how the detective agency is able to find the criminals with the available clues. Same holds valid with the Novels. Playing CSI games is real fun as we get an opportunity to solve the cases by self.
Other than CSI series there are lot of thrilling video games. Some of the Video games include “Grand Theft Auto V”, “The Last of US”, “Alien: Isolation”, “Batman: Arkham Origins”, Batman: Arkham City” etc. Brain will easily get activated by playing these thrilling games, as player has to use his brain in finding the clues, analyzing and solving the cases.
Playing these games help us to tackle real life attacks. It creates a sort of alertness in an individual. We can be more alert and cautious in our real life as well with the experience gained from these games. Ability to predict things in real life becomes easy. Along with teaching to be smart these games also give enough relaxation and help reduce the stress.